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  • ) cheapest food for your fishes with full of proteins very cheap and healthy for big fishes like oscar,parrat, flower horn,aorwana etc50rs piece(guppies) feeding fishes for sale feeding guppies to make your fish healthy and grow fastly(fast growth formulashipping possible contact soon

    ₹ 50

  • Aquarium with 3kissing fishes 3sharks 2gold fishes 1dollar fish 2silver fishes and other 3 fishes at only

    ₹ 3500

  • Asalamualikum fishes for sell total set fishes & aquarium 1fit and height 1fit total aquarium and fishes and led light and motor and light is water proof and don't ask again how many fit aquarium no home delivery fishs is very active fishs price will be up don and if any one interested give you r phone number in chat list othanks allahafiz

    ₹ 1500

  • 5 molly fishes,3 zebra fishes and 3and half inches gourami fishes

    ₹ 190

  • Fish tank (aquarium) with four fishes and food for fishes for 1 month, feel free to buy it a good condition fish tank with four healthy fishes ye koi fixed rate nhi hai agar aap chahon to mai rate kam kar saktaa hoon1: fish tank 2: 4 fishes 3: food for one month 4: colourfull stones 5: my best advice

    ₹ 2299

  • Imported fishes chichleds and jewels 8 fishes(1 pair strawberry maff,1 pair blue maff,1 pair blue maff,1 jewel fish,and 1 succer) available at best price with optimum food

    ₹ 700

  • Selling to add new fishes bulk purchase of all fishes individual price carp 6 nos approx 1 feet long: 700 each feather fin 4 nos big size around 15 cm: 700 each sahyadria barb (miss kerala): big ones 4 nos: 200 each albino cory: 6 nos: 100 each other fishes free

    ₹ 6500

  • fishes aquarium three fishes

    ₹ 2500

  • Gold fishes 6 cm long. 3 fishes for 50 rs

    ₹ 50

  • fishes with aquarium 3 parrats 1 cat fishes & filter motor, stones

    ₹ 3000

  • Gold fishes for salebig gold fishes pais for 50/- middium size for 40/- normal size for 30/- small size for 20/

    ₹ 50

  • Acquerium with fishes and fishes requriment items

    ₹ 2000

  • 5 feet aquarium with fishes other accessories: 1 underwater led light 1 air pump 1 aquarium cap 1 power head filter 12 fishes 1 pair gold fishes 1 pair black moor 4 pairs small tetras a crack in bottom but it having no problem with water

    ₹ 1700

  • 3 fishes for saleall fishes in good healthall fishes of size more than 5 inches1 green terror cichlid, 1 yellow parot cichlid, 1 orange rainbow cichlid

    ₹ 600

  • Koi fishes very soft fishes its a great deal in just 130i have just 1 pair left

    ₹ 130

  • fishes & aquarium for sale aquarium contains 8 gold fishes 2 white fishes 1 black fish heater stand oxygen equipment cleaner for sale light

    ₹ 6500

  • 300 rs only for all fishes12 gold fishes, 2 koi carps, 2 shark and some other fishes

    ₹ 300

  • I have few fishes too wish to sell themi'm selling my cichlid fishes because i need to buy oscar fishes and if anyone likes to trade is more then enough tooi bought them for 400/ pair and i would likes to give 350

    ₹ 350

  • Two very very big sizes white sharks fishes &two blue sharks fishes total 4 fishes amount rs only market price is rs interested people pls call

    ₹ 1000

  • Asalamualikum fishes for sell total 8 to 10 fishes selling because house sifting very active fishes and only aquarium for sell selling no home delivery fishs and aquarium asome fish tank allahafiz price is up down ok and no other accessories ok

    ₹ 1499

  • fishes includes 5pair big size fishes5ft aquarium with fishescainster filter around 30kg of sand,and lot more things availableincludes tank 12mm stand top1 pair big size carps

    ₹ 25000

  • 18 molly fishes(white black and red), 4 tinfoil fishes wholesale price

    ₹ 500

  • 1 aquariums with fishes for sale6 fishes which includes 3 sharks, 2 tank cleaners and a carp2 is to 1 aquarium

    ₹ 900

  • Zebra fishes pair of pregnant fishes if u interested call to

    ₹ 100

  • All types of exotic fishes availablewe can also get you your desired fisheswe breed import and raise exceptional quality of fishesplease note that this is not a shop

  • Small fishes 3 nos aquarium fishes, my aquarium is over crowdedso selling these three

    ₹ 120

  • Swordtail fishes for sell 10 fishes for 50 rs

    ₹ 50

  • Rainbow shark fishes pair(2 fishes)

    ₹ 250

  • All types of colour fishes and vastu fishes ara available heresr aquarium, 17/3new street, tenkasi

    ₹ 100

  • Deworming for fishesdeworm all your fishesh once in two months to keep fishes healthy and nil mortality of fishesfree shipping all over indiaconcentrated liquid and economicaldirect application to fish aquariumlife saver for all aquarium fishesh

    ₹ 350

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