Antique safe cast iron

List antique safe cast iron

  • Great cast iron safe

    ₹ 35000

  • antique cast iron tebal higt 30 inches top marvel inches

    ₹ 5500

  • antique cast iron grill lod krishna statue each 20 pice avelebal

    ₹ 1600

  • Our cast iron weights are made using high quality cast iron that ensures their high durability and strengththe stackable cast iron weights that we offer can be availed in bulkour weights are made using high quality cast iron that ensures their high durability and strengthweights, cast iron test weights, weightbox and measuring instruments manufacturers named jude equipment from chennai, indiawe are looked upon as one of the prominent cast iron weights manufacturers named jude equipment pvt ltd from chennai, indiawe assure that each and every piece is highly precise and efficientcom sizes: 50g,100g,200, g500g,1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg,20kg,50kg we are looked upon as one of the prominent standard weights, calibration weights, analytical weights, laboratory weights, test weights, brass weights, sbullion / laboratory weights: knob type / handle type: with f1 / f2 class calibration certificate as per oiml r111 (rrsl)we strictly use the top quality raw material for the entire manufacturing processjude equipment pvt ltd is the one especially dedicated to provide high level of consistency for the furnishing of our quality productswe have designed and developed all kinds of analytical balances, measuring instruments and laboratory weightssizes available: 50g,100g,200, g500g,1kg,2kg,5kg,10kg,20kg,50kg brass std


  • Black cast iron charcoal clothe iron

    ₹ 800

  • Spectrometer coin die for cast iron and s g iron in cooper

    ₹ 4500

  • 3 cast iron dining chairs each for 200

    ₹ 200

  • cast iron crank table (hieght can be adjust)

    ₹ 15000

  • Brown and cast iron cooking pandouble sided pan with 3 chopping mat free

    ₹ 1200

  • cast iron black wooden base chair restaurant /cafe chair 60pcs

    ₹ 3000

  • Black cast iron wok

    ₹ 800

  • 4-piece red wonderchef cast iron set screenshot

    ₹ 250

  • cast iron aquarium stand worth 700 free when you buy this aquarium

    ₹ 3300

  • cast iron 2 chairs and a table

    ₹ 12000

  • Solid cast iron steel cot with plywood top

    ₹ 2000

  • 100kgs cast iron weights with 28mm hole and carry slots: " dumbell rods with pvc grip

    ₹ 7500

  • cast iron bird cage

    ₹ 275

  • Used 2 numbers 2x2 cast iron frame and cover available for sale

    ₹ 3000

  • cast iron skillet

    ₹ 1400

  • Hardly used cast iron bed (cort) with kurlon mattress

    ₹ 10000

  • Buy 24 kg cast iron weight lifting plates for home gym exercises (6 kg x 20 no plates)

    ₹ 1250

  • Stair of cast iron folding

    ₹ 9000

  • 6ft cast iron stand sun sun 4 tray canister with the media and spongelength - 5ft height - 2heater 300watts

    ₹ 18000

  • antique wooden and iron display corner

    ₹ 4500

  • We supply high-quality grey iron casting, cast iron casting & machined components in india, us, europebakgiyam engineering is one of the best cast iron casting manufacturers & suppliers in india, usa, europe

    Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

    ₹ 1

  • Vintage hand mixer with wooden handles and cast iron mechanism

    ₹ 1700

  • Two chairs in cast aluminumqr code link to this post garden bench with cast iron sides and wooden seat

    ₹ 30000

  • Round brown wooden handled gray cast iron

    ₹ 350

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    Bangalore (Karnataka)

    ₹ 100000

  • Queen victorias time iron safe very antique going cheap hurry up call me at nine

    ₹ 50000

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